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Sunday 29 August 2010

Mother Marries Alleged Pervert Just Two Hours After He Was Indicted For Molesting Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

See... Good God. Never mind a nice cushy electric chair: days like this, I think maybe we should reinstitute quartering-by-wild-horse. 

Mother Marries Alleged Pervert Just Two Hours After He Was Indicted For Molesting Her 7-Year-Old Daughter
Barbara Whitehead Facebook

Damascus, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - Barbara Whitehead, a 41-year-old Oregon woman was charged Wednesday after she allegedly married a man just two-hours after he was indicted for sexually abusing her 7-year-old daughter.


Just two hours after Smock's indictment, Whitehead is alleged to have married him in a secret wedding with the little girl looking on. After the wedding, the happy couple fled with the child to a Portland hotel where they reportedly celebrated a week-long honeymoon together.


Monday 16 August 2010

OpenFeint Discussion on Obama

This is only a snippet of the conversation. Firstly, the username is "untochable 2019".

And this is what s/he had to say:

Now, I've missed a sentence in the middle of those two section, I apologise. It has the words "Obama ses", so you've not missed much.

My response:

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Saturday 14 August 2010

New 419 Scam

Nigerian scam emails are so common that I - and probably most - simply delete them & move on. The ones I do read are generally bad enough to make you wonder whether they've just picked random words and whacked them together.

This morning I received one that... well, it's a new one!

A title just off enough for me to open the email, while assuming it would be a scam.

Reverend Jerry Smith, a regular [American/Australian/English-speaking] guy from wherever you're from! Orphanage! Ghana, not Nigeria! Shipping costs! Legitimate purchaser with credit card! I have your email address but not your phone number! I'm a Reverend but I'm only semi-literate!

And again, if any native speaker of English takes this as an actual email from an actual person... Well, then you deserve to be scammed.

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Thursday 12 August 2010


I first noticed this word being used to mean "refer back to" or "reply" in emails from Indian colleagues. India has a number of delightfully anachronistic English words still in use (such as the online article I read about how the "cads" had gotten away, but the "sleuths" were on their tail), which always amused me, but "please revert" at the end of an email...? My muttered response was usually, "to what?"

According to

Lately, it's been used twice by people who should know better, so I thought I would point it out.

It might be an actual word, but in this context it's like "refudiate" - yes, I know what you meant, but no. Don't.

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Wednesday 11 August 2010

A dog just peed on my head

I wish that was a joke. It's not.

We have a front deck which is down some stairs from the front porch. It's totally hidden from the road. I was lying on the deck with Vivaldi on the iPod, watching the bats fly black against the backdrop of grey clouds, all very peaceful.

Then I woke up thinking, is it raining?

Uh, no. That would be the big black dog who wanders through our yard every so often.


On my head.

Maybe I smelled a LOT like my dog...? Fuck knows. At any rate, there was punching, some swearing, a bit of yelping/running, some frantic checking of the health of the iPod, then a sprint to the bathroom.

I now smell like soap, shampoo & clean clothes. I may never fully relax on the deck again.

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Thursday 5 August 2010

Twilight Haters Rejoice...

... for here is "Vampires Suck".

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Be a Dangerous DayDreamer

All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
-- T.E. Lawrence

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Ha! Nice one, Sheriff...


After a tip, sheriff's deputies got a search warrant for a home in Jackson, Miss. Sure enough, they found drugs. The homeowner, Millie Steverson, 62, was arrested, even though she protested that she needs the pot to treat her glaucoma.

Investigators note the haul from the house included 30 pounds of marijuana, plus crack cocaine, ecstasy, a gun (as a convicted felon, Steverson is not allowed to possess firearms), and a stolen car. "I understand she smokes the drugs to help her glaucoma," Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said. "By the time she got through smoking all of that, she would have X-ray vision." (Jackson Clarion-Ledger)