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Saturday 27 November 2010

Managing the Quality of the Principles

Dear Daniel

I believe a Principle Quality Manager role would only really exist if one had Official Principles which needed Management. Is this a role which directly advises, say, the AGM re the Quality of the company's Principles? Or is it more of a one-on-one thing with, say, a priest?

Please let me know.


Daniel Smith wrote:

• Principle Quality Engineer
• Permanent)
• Hertfordshire
• £Excellent + Benefits.

Monday 22 November 2010

Dear Interwebs: I need some software advice

I have a friend who teaches music, specifically country music. He has been getting requests from people in the outback to set up a virtual studio. This is a guy who hasn't used a computer since WordPerfect 5.1 was the shiny new toy, so he's asked me for advice. And as I don't know, I'm asking you :-)

His plan is to set up a system which will allow students to download tutorial videos, upload video of themselves playing for him to critique/review etc. Now, he doesn't want to use YouTube as he charges for the videos - he wants it to be available only to paying students.

Does anyone know if a software already exists that would meet his requirements? AND, whether a Mac or PC would be his best option in terms of video editing etc?


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Sunday 14 November 2010

"God will take care of it" approach to global warming

One of the GOP guys running for head of the Energy Commission APOLOGISED to BP after the government held them accountable for the Gulf oil spill. The second is this guy...

Yeah, if you take the Biblical position, God DID promise that HE wouldn't destroy the Earth again by flood - He never said, "and I'll stop you from doing it as well". Besides, the Bible also says that we are the stewards and caretakers of the Earth - doesn't that INSTRUCTION trump speculative interpretation of a passive promise?

I don't know anything about the third guy yet, but I am praying he at least paid attention to high school science.