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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Christie Bradley

Insecure much? How pathetic, to ask a 13yo boy, "Do u want me 4 me or do u want me 4 the sex."

Christie Bradley
Christie Bradley, 39-year-old married mother of two from Waterloo, Missouri, has been arrested for allegedly trying to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. Court documents say the 13 year old (about the same age as her own children) boy told police that Bradley kissed him on the lips at his home on September 19th. He also told police that Bradley communicated with him through Facebook and text messages.

The documents say an investigator started posing as the boy and communicated with Bradley through text messages and several sexually explicit messages were exchanged between Bradley and the undercover agent.

Among them- the agent asked Bradley, "Do I need to get condoms? Or do u have some?" Bradley allegedly replied, "I'll get some. Then u don't have 2 worry bout gettn caught with them. We have 2 use them."

Mrs Bradley also sent boy another message asking, "Do u want me 4 me or do u want me 4 the sex." [...]

Court documents say arrangements were made for Bradley to show up at the teen's home Wednesday for sex. We're told she showed up with lingerie and condoms and was arrested without incident.