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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

G Beck strikes again

Re the "attack on social justice"-gate [MAN, I wish that hotel had been named something else]:
Glenn Beck is a tool
Anyone committed to the concepts of social justice, be they Christian or otherwise, should understand that misuse of religion in this way is - frankly - obscene, and that non-GOP Christians ("gasp! I thought they were only mythical creatures!") and non-American Christians ("the hWHAT? The heyyyy-eck youuu seh. Nawn, Ah seh, NAWN-Amurkun Chrisjins? Cain't really be Chrisjins though, kin they?") are mostly baffled and distressed by this sort of crap.

If you're interested, there is an online letter/petition (Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian
) being assembled on the Sojourners website.

This was my blurb:
I'm someone who not only believes in the biblical call to social justice, but grew up steeped in it.

More, I believe that **opposing** the concepts of social justice... well, it is an obscenely immoral and heretical position for ^anyone^ to take, let alone someone claiming to represent the faithful. False prophets and deceitful leaders don't fare very well in the literature.

How can you possibly claim that the very things Christ said to do (serve the poor, minister to the sick, visit the imprisoned, support the orphans and widows, etc etc) are wrong FOR CHRISTIANS to do?! [Surely not, JUST because Obama said it was a good idea, all with "character-building"-this and "teaching children to put others first"-that? Surely not?]

It's an argument I could maybe "see", coming from an anarchist or a nihilist, but a member of the LDS? The public and self-declared spokesman for "the-party-what's-NOT-evil-socialist-fascist-dictating-totalitarian-hippy-free-love-tree-huggers"?

I believe in God's will for justice in every aspect of our individual, social, and economic lives.