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Wednesday 10 June 2009

jail ... for violating a man's right to be pretty

Holy cow. It's interesting to see different priorities at work in the legal systems of different countries, but.... what? no, it's not. The guy pulled a TOUPEE off a public person. People: baldness is natural. Embrace it. Combover, toupee, ponytail - don't care - they're all bad.

TAIPEI (Reuters) - A man who tore the wig off a telegenic Taiwan legislator last year was sentenced to five months in jail for depriving the MP of his freedom to look good, a court spokesman said Tuesday.


"The judge thought Chiu Yi had the freedom to wear what he wanted, and Chiu felt the wig made him look prettier," court spokesman Huang Chin-ming said. "The judge thinks that to remove it intentionally was to take away that right."

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