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Sunday 31 January 2010

[SENEGAL] Why Africa Remains Impoverished

From WEIRDNUZ.M147 (News of the Weird, January 31, 2010)
by Chuck Shepherd
© 2010 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.
Why Africans Remain Impoverished

* The huge, $27 million statue ("African Renaissance") being built in Dakar, Senegal, was conceived to boost tourism and be a point of African pride, acting as a magnet for visitors and museum-goers. Problems have arisen (the statue was built by North Korean labor, has no distinct African theme, and features a female who reveals perhaps too much thigh). However, according to a November BBC News dispatch, Senegal's president Abdoulaye Wade remains optimistic and has declared that, though the concept was his idea, he personally will magnanimously take only 35 percent of the revenue streams generated from visitors. [BBC News, 11-16-09; The Guardian, 1-5-10]

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