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Sunday 2 January 2011


I've had seriously bad dermatitis on my hands for about 9 months now.

Current state of play: R hand is infected again. Dermatitis has also spread to my feet. I have developed a full-body itch.

I am taking some SERIOUS antihistamines to try to control the itch, & Valium to control my anxiety level, but I am still spending most of every day fighting the urge to scratch until my skin comes off. It itches EVERYwhere. EVERY. WHERE. I may end up doing myself a serious injury if i lose my shit & just start scratching.

And my feet are cracking so badly I look like I have gills.

My next appointment with the dermatologist isn't until 14 January.

My stabby-ness level is rising.

That's all - carry on :-)

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