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Friday 11 February 2011

Dilbert guy fixes the budget

So, Scott Adams (from challenged his readers: he wanted volunteers for an interview about fixing the economy.

The readers' choice was this guy, and The Great Budget Balancing Interview commenced.

I stopped reading when the esteemed "expert" said:

"You're tacitly assuming that the government is morally obligated to pay when people live too long or get too sick."

Huh. YOU, sir, appear to be making moral judgements about what constitutes "too long" or "too sick". That means that you are approaching this topic from a strict "screw the old and feeble" viewpoint (which I suspect may later be expanded to include the screwing of the poor, unemployed, people with probably-illegal-Mexican-sounding names, rape victims, pacifists, vegans, gays and non-Christianists), and I can't sit through a "solution" which depends entirely on that POV.

Sorry, Scott - good luck with the interview, but I'm kind of sorry you gave this guy airtime.

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