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Saturday 30 March 2013

Abu Ghraib - 9 years on

USA ABU GHRAIB IN HINDSIGHT: fascinating to read this article - written 9 May 2004 - featuring an interview with an Al Jazeera employee interrogated by US forces in Iraq.

As I write, Rumsfeld is before Congress trying to explain how U.S. forces could do such things. Many of the journalists in Baghdad think that this will surely finish him off, that it’s only a matter of time. I watched Bush give his apology last night, but it all seems too late. The revelations of torture in Iraq by U.S. soldiers have pushed the country through a bloody and bruised event horizon. There is no apology that can bring us back.

Yeah - amazing what time and disinterest will do to justice. No cakes and sparklers for this anniversary.

Again, I strongly recommend reading Rachel Maddow's book Drift and watching the MSNBC presentation of Hubris.

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