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Monday 8 September 2014

AUSTRALIA #AsylumSeekers #REFUGEES: the Temporary Protection...

AUSTRALIA #AsylumSeekers #REFUGEES: the Temporary Protection Visa (#TPV) was last introduced by Howard - and it was disastrous. If assessed as “genuine” (as opposed to “economic”) refugees (and >90% are), why continue to punish them by holding the Temporary status over their heads? People need to start rebuilding their lives, not living as if they’re on parole.

They didn’t come all this way just to get drunk & lie on the beach collecting dole payments - that’s reserved for OUR young people. They want to work, they NEED to work - qualified doctors, police, plumbers & electricians are driving taxis, working in abattoirs, rounding up trolleys at shopping centres, cleaning offices at night…

More information and details on how to write your state’s Senators, at

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