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Friday 14 November 2014

#CLIMATE CHANGE: faith AND fact - you can have it all....

#CLIMATE CHANGE: faith AND fact - you can have it all.

Scientist and devout Christian Katharine Hayhoe ( being interviewed by @BillMoyersHQ.


For a long time, many of us have felt that scientists are on one side, espousing one set of values, and Christians and/or conservatives are on the other side. And so along comes this new issue of climate change, which in my opinion has enormous theological implications and is entirely consistent with the Christian faith, to love others and to love our neighbours. So along comes this issue of climate change, but who are the primary spokespeople? It’s these pointy-headed scientists, who have been on the other side of the fence on many other issues regarding creation and evolution, the age of the earth and even other issues today, like genetic modification and things like that. So. It’s no surprise that when you get a messenger who’s not trusted, who you perceive as not sharing your values, why would you believe them?


I get 5 times as much hate mail from Christians than from any other group.


Caring about climate is entirely consistent with who we are as Christians, but: over the last several decades, we have increasingly begun to confound our politics with our faith - to the point where instead of our faith dictating our attitudes on political and social issues, we are instead allowing our political party to dictate our attitude on issues that are clearly consistent with who we are.


We’ve been told that you can’t be a Christian, or you can’t be a conservative, or you can’t be a person of faith - or even a person of integrity - and agree that climate is changing, that humans are responsible and that there’s something really important we need to do about it.


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