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Monday 23 March 2015

Bear with me - this is long, but I’m concerned about how...

Bear with me - this is long, but I’m concerned about how easily misinformation becomes “truth”, especially to the conspiracy-minded who might Share this on.

Point: IIT’s FB page ( states that: “Islamic Republic of Iran has nothing to do with the Shi’ites who damage Islamic Unity”.

Now, that’s curious, because Wikipedia ( says that, “89% of Iranians are Shi’a and 9% are Sunni”.

And Wikipedia ( also says that, “Most Muslims in Turkey are Sunnis forming about 72%”

Wikipedia ( also tells us that ISIL “joined other Sunni insurgent groups” in 2006.


(1) IIT are a group based in Sunni-majority Turkey

(2) IIT write vehement articles claiming that the *real* Islamic Republic of Iran is in fact the Sunni minority, suggesting that the Shi’ite majority are the ones “damaging Islamic Unity”.

(3) ISIL are Sunni, but that doesn’t fit in to the narrative IIT *want* to be true, because that makes Sunnis look bad.

(4) Now (speculating), IIT can concoct a labyrinthine scheme:

* ISIL is not genuinely Islamic or even Sunni

* why, then, does everyone say they are?

* because the US, UK, “Europe”, Israel and some of the Arab states are only PRETENDING to fight ISIL - it’s really a shell game where they distract you with misdirection!

* so, my initial reaction of “Why the hell would Israel be interested in helping to prop up this Islamic Group…?”

* exactly: they’re not really Sunni. Or Islamic.

That’s a massive logical overreach.

Out of interest, the “some of the Arab states” opposing ISIL are (of Muslim populations):

* Bahrain, 67% Shi’a;

* Jordan, 95% Sunni;

* Morocco, majority Sunni;

* Qatar, 99% Sunni;

* Saudi Arabia, 97% Sunni;

* UAE, 85% Sunni.

from Tumblr


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