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Monday 15 February 2010

what Feminism isn't

There was a post on the "STFU, Conservatives" blog recently, which I partially requote below:
"as much as Feminism CLAIMS to be about equality for women, in reality it’s a self-serving philosophy that teaches women to feel ENTITLED to everything that men have had to earn.

Women feel ENTITLED to the same pay as men without working the same hours or in the same dangerous jobs as men.

Well, "bollocks", for starts. I'm not a man-hating, balls-to-the-wall feminazi, but I'm grateful for the work other people did to provide me with the freedoms I now have. And this man is a complete arsehat.

Has feminism won? Let me illustrate:

Episode 1:
London, 2002: I am a Helpdesk Manager, responsible for Application Support for 1500 users across Europe and North America, with 2 FTE employees reporting to me. A man in a suit wanders up and looks at me quizzically. I say, "Morning! How can I help?" and he says, "Hi. Um... our Admin Assistant is off sick, could you take minutes for our meeting?"

Convince me that would have happened if I was a bloke.

Episode 2:
Brisbane, 2006: I am a Project Administrator, responsible for a team of engineers doing FIFO work in and out of the Northern Territory. The second week, a woman came up to me and said, "now, the kitchen roster... L was on for Mondays, so I'll just put you down for that?". Um.. Is this a voluntary roster? "oh, yes, all the girls are on it!" Right. I un-volunteer. "oh... Really??"

I looked at her and said, "when you've got someone on that list who doesn't have a uterus, come back and talk to me."

Again - how many blokes are on a fucking roster to clean the kitchens at work? I'm not going on it just because I don't have a penis.

To me, that shows me that we haven't achieved even equality yet - never mind the rest of the original poster's drivel.

Off to buy overalls and burn someone's bra.

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