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Thursday 16 July 2015

USA #CHARLESTON #RACISM #TERRORISM #DylannRoof: why some still resist calling out #WhiteTerrorists. Conor Friedersdorf [] of The Atlantic addresses "the wrongheaded reflex of some media outlets to label all violent Muslims 'terrorists' and all violent white men 'mental cases'." QUOTE: Years ago, after an attack on a Sikh temple that’s mostly forgotten because it wasn't regarded as terrorism, I argued [] that the reluctance to apply the label to acts carried out by white people is partly due to an awareness of what might happen next. When terrorism is invoked, many Americans––Republicans especially––have assented to indefinite detention; the criminalization of gifts to certain charities; secret, extrajudicial assassinations; ethnicity-based surveillance; and the torture even of people who mightknow about a future attack. Having undermined so many civil-liberties protections in pursuit of terrorists, the white majority and Republicans especially are alarmed at the idea of the homeland-security bureaucracy treating them as they’ve treated Muslim Americans. /QUOTE

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