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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ah, I do love the commenters sometimes...

In a comment thread re a Washington Independent article on the superbly ignorant Orly Taitz, the following:
  • Etraveler13 1 hour ago
    Boy are you all scared. If you really believe this guy, you have to ignore all the information in the past week, verifiable facts that prove Corsi is incorrect, and gives links to prove each statement false.
    If this gets a fair hearing, all these facts will come out, as they are brought up.
    The Obamabots are out in full. I think its funny, that you will spend so much time trashing this woman, and either do not know the facts, or refuse to believe them...
    Sad people, really sad...
  • jamie461 58 minutes ago
    The problem with your "facts" is that (try to focus now): THEY ARE NOT REAL. THEY ARE ALL IN YOUR PARANOID LITTLE HEADS.

    I don't know how to be anymore clear. Not that it will likely do any good.
  • Dentuso 1 hour ago
    If you would be good enough to hold still for a few moments, it would be greatly appreciated. My garage door is going crazy because you're evidently pacing in your tinfoil suit.
  • jamie461 1 hour ago
    Well played, sir.