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Sunday, 20 September 2009

this makes me furious

Note: her 5 ADOPTED daughters. What the FUCK. In my head, you adopt because you want kids so badly, because you choose to take on that responsibility. This is not a poor woman making bad lifestyle choices and ending up with 5 kids she doesn't know how to look after — this is a PASTOR, 65 years old, who has 5 adopted children under the age of 12. No one checked on living conditions etc?

I'm going to go and shout incoherently at the washing machine now.   

Prosecutors say woman forced kids to live in a hidden room with no heating
The Associated Press

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. - A California pastor has been sentenced to life in prison for beating and drugging her five adopted daughters and locking them in a garage.

Jessica Banks, 65, received consecutive life terms Friday after being convicted in July of sexually abusing two of her daughters and forcing all the sisters to go without food for days.

Banks was arrested in 2005 after one emaciated girl was found lying outside a Moreno Valley business.

Prosecutors say the sisters, who were ages 4 to 11 at the time, lived in a hidden room in Banks' garage with no air conditioning or heating.

They attended school at the Word of Life Apostolic Church, where Banks was pastor.