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Monday, 28 September 2009

Man Trap found on Tourist Trail

Man trap set at tourist spot

A MAN-made trap designed to seriously harm people has been found near a popular Territory tourist spot.

The sinister booby-trap construction was discovered at the mouth of the Finniss River - about 100km southwest of Darwin - last Sunday. The finder, a resident from the outer Darwin region who wished not to be named, said she was horrified when she discovered the trap.

"A lot of people go there," she said. "It would have gone through your thong or through your foot but if a child walked over it (they) would have fallen in and god knows ..."

The man trap consisted of six sharpened sticks that were stuck vertically into the base of a one-metre-wide square hole.

A wooden frame was put about 15cm above the sticks, covered with black plastic bags and sand to hide the construction.

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