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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Vacancy for a Proofreader?

A letter to a publisher.

Dear HarperCollins

I'm reading a book published by you in 2008, and it seems clear that you are short-staffed when it comes to basic proofreading.

The book is "A Fistful of Charms", by Kim Harrison. Two examples: in virtually every instance requiring the word "where", the text has it as "were", as in "you should have told us were you were"; and if that's not sufficiently wince-inducing, I've just read about a pixy holding a cup of coffee, "trying to eek out some warmth". I've not found eeking to be of much use to anyone in terms of extending something as far as possible, so I assume you meant "eke".

Isn't someone paid to find these things? If so, a performance review is in order. If not, someone really should be. I am open to offers.


Freelance Proofreader & Appalled Reader