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Wednesday 12 August 2009

fookin' (lack of) dosh

More and more sick days = more and more unpaid days = oh shite.

Pay this week was 2/5 of the normal amount. All regular payments have to be skipped.

Currently in bank: $430.
Currently in pocket: $30.
Currently owing:
* $600 (6 weeks) rent
* $35 chemist
* $70 physio
* $145 (3 months) RACQ car insurance
* $270 (3 months) MBF health insurance
* $50 GP
This list does not cover the ~ $50,000 owing to various financial institutions, just my "regular" ongoing payments.

Imminently required:
* ~$200 chemist supplies (incl. diabetes stuff, antidepressants, dressings for open infected wound on my back, etc)
* $70 for dietitian (tomorrow)
* ~$50 iPhone case (I play hard with my toys, it's worth the prevention)

I'm fucked.

I'd sell my body, but either the humiliation of not being wanted or the disgust/self-loathing of going through with it, would be the final straw.