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Saturday 15 August 2009


Crazy Harry from the Muppets. Me without cigarettes.

like a frog on a hotplate

no money, you'll have to wait; I'll pay you next week; no, mum, I can't pay rent this week

Money. I have none.

Well, not strictly true. I have $75 left. Two days after payday. Twelve days before next payday.

* Need dressings for my back: $35.
* Need to fill 2 scripts: $35 each.
* Need to buy lancets for the blood testing: $20.
* Need to buy smokes: approx $150.

(I realise the non-smokers are now rolling their eyes, but to my fellow addict people let me point out that I have stopped eating everything I am habituated to snacking on, and have replaced half my daily Diet Coke with water. I am already extremely cranky & depressed. If I stop smoking as well, I may commit homicide.)

At any rate, I think it's clear I have not-enough even without the smokes.

Again: Smeg.