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Thursday 13 August 2009

The Waking Dreams...

Yeah, it's funny, those waking dreams. Ha. Ha.

Like the other day, when I burst out laughing during a physio visit, as I realised that the reason I was mad at my mother was because I'd just found out that I was born a hermaphrodite, and that she'd made the wrong choice. I mean, *obviously* not, but it felt real until I analysed the "memory" of the conversation and realised it didn't make any linear sense. Possibly the penguin was the giveaway. But I was nonetheless ANGRY that I hadn't been given the option of being a fat lonely man instead.

Today's one? WAAAAAY less funny. Last week I went onto the 3 website ( to upgrade my handset. That was on Wednesday, I think. All the iPhones were sold out, but I REEEEEALLY wanted one, so I decided to wait and try again. On Friday I tried again and the 32Gb black was available. Hoopla! Score! Thursday delivery!!

I posted to Facebook that I had my iPhone, did a little dance etc. Over the weekend I downloaded some free apps, talked to my brother about what apps he might recommend. I had dinner with @kissability on Tuesday night and had a look at hers. The security guy at work, who also has one, has been on alert since 9am for the delivery guy. I just rang them. 3-Mobile have no record of me ever successfully applying for an upgrade. There is no delivery guy. There is no iPhone. Despite my absolute, frantic certainty that I HAVE done this... all the evidence says otherwise.

Did I dream the whole "Friday I tried again" part? The Facebook and Twitter parts happened, I can see those status updates.

This is very unsettling. What if next time it's something actually important, instead of something as trivial as a new phone?