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Monday 12 October 2009

a new perspective

I Can't Diet, I'm Too Hungry, from Escape From Obesity:

Dieting is hard work. Cutting back on all your favorite foods when you're used to indulging in whatever you want until you are about to burst is no easy task. Yeah, I know, some people just have a light bulb moment and *boom* change everything and work hard and the weight comes off, period. But I think most people struggle with the whole lifestyle change thing.

How do you turn a taste for cheesecake and Reece's cups into a desire to eat more broccoli and cabbage? How do you train yourself to eat reasonable servings of food instead of entire packs of Oreos and pints of ice cream?

When you are used to eating a LOT of crap food, hour after hour, it is a big change to switch to a way of eating that is conducive to weight loss. I used to get up in the morning, drink a Coke, eat 3 or 4 slices of cold pizza, and then an hour later eat a couple of pieces of cake. By lunchtime I'd eaten at least 3 "meals" already... some of them consisting only of sugar and fat. My afternoon snack was a Big Mac meal at 3pm. And if you think dinner... with seconds and thirds of heaping plates of fettuccine Alfredo, 5 bread sticks, and banana pudding for dessert is the end of the day's eating, you're delusional. Because at 8 I'd have some ice cream and after I got the kids to bed I'd be eating 4 or 5 donuts at 10pm. Is it any wonder my heartburn was so bad that I often had to sleep propped up on pillows in a sitting position to avoid waking up choking on my own acid reflux? How do you go from THAT, to having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with maybe a snack or two in between? How do you cut your caloric intake by at least 75%?

You just do it. Sorry, there's no magic answer. You put the food down and tell your inner toddler, "No, you may NOT have 6 pieces of cake in one day." You let her tantrum and you just deal with it until she gets the point and accepts the food you've set out for her.

I want to clarify something. You do not have to be hungry to lose weight. "Dieting" does not mean deprivation. YES, it means you have to cut back. YES, you have to say *no* to things. But you can say *yes* to so much more!

YES to hundreds of varieties of crunchy, creamy, soft, sweet, and savory vegetables.
YES to an entire produce section of delicious, sweet, sour, juicy, tasty fruits.
YES to moving, walking, swimming, biking, feeling alive.
YES to fitting into restaurant booths, carnival rides, airplane seats, and smaller clothing sizes.
YES to life.

Full article HERE

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