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Thursday 1 October 2009

support new Nestlé product boycott

This is not the first time Nestlé have faced ethics questions. Perhaps the most well known is the baby formula one. Concerns were raised that Nestlé was essentially flooding low-income populations with free infant formula to encourage women to use it instead of breastfeeding - the traditional "first dose for free" method used to create customers for drug dealers. In 1977, after court action had ruled in favour of Nestlé, activists called for a global boycott. See Wikipedia for more.

This story:

South African rights group launches Nestle boycott over Mugabe milk

A South African rights group has launched a campaign for a consumer boycott of Nestle products over the firm's purchase of milk from a Zimbabwean farm controlled by Grace Mugabe, revealed by The Telegraph at the weekend.

By Sebastien Berger Southern Africa Correspondent
Published: 7:59PM BST 30 Sep 2009

AfriForum, a civil rights initiative spun out of a mainly Afrikaner trade union, said it was giving Nestle one week in which to announce it would stop buying milk from Gushungo Dairy Estate.

The Telegraph reported at the weekend that Nestle's Zimbabwean subsidiary is buying up to a million litres a year from the formerly white-owned farm, whose owner was, according to dairymen, forced to sell to the authorities after a campaign of violence.

AfriForum is contacting human rights groups around the world to ask them to join its campaign, and has already launched a website,, on the subject.

"All peace-loving people across the globe are requested to boycott all Nestlé products until such time as Nestlé starts respecting human rights by refusing to do business with Mugabe and his cronies," it says.

"The milk produced on the farm of Grace Mugabe is blood milk. Nestlé owes the people of Zimbabwe an apology." Kallie Kriel, AfriForum's CEO, added: "It's a slap in the face of the thousands of Zimbabweans that are suffering under the Mugabe regime." The campaign will include protests at Nestle offices in South Africa, he said.

Full story here and a summary of the previous boycott here

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