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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

capsicum / bell peppers

I am allergic to capsicum ("bell peppers", for the 'Murcans), which is handy since I also loathe the stuff. Just the smell of it, raw, makes me heave. Cooked... **shudder**

Since no one has ever heard of capsicum allergy, I get a lot of "you're allergic to... what? Capsicum?!", with attitude. Yes, I am. Every single commercial sauce on the market seems to have paprika (powdered red capsicum) in it; it's in salad, in great chunks; it's added to meat I would have otherwise quite enjoyed, as delicate curls of garnish. Even ordering hawaiian pizza isn't a guarantee, the random "oops" bits contaminate whole slices.

But then... I discovered a fellow sufferer! I told @kissability that I would post a (true!) story about the social challenges of being allergic to something other people eat as a matter of course.

Next post.